Largest CityMumbai(Maharashtra)
National LanguageHindi
ReligionHinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism
Regional LanguagesAssamese, Bodo, Kashmiri, Mizo, Bengali, Konkani, Dogri, Guajarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Manipuri, Punjabi, Nepali, Odia, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu.
National AnthemJana Gana Mana
National SongVande Mataram
MottoSatyameva Jayate

India also was known as ‘Hindustan’, ‘Bharat’ is a country located in South Asia. India has the most populous democracy in the world and is the Seventh largest country by area and second-most populous country with a population of about 1.2 billion people. India is also very popular in the world because of its social, economic and cultural configuration. It is the land of an ancient civilization.

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History of India

India has experienced the Rules of many Kingdoms. The history of India begins with the birth of the Indus Valley Civilization which is also known as the pre-Vedic age and the coming of Aryans is described as the Vedic age. India was also under the rule of King Ashoka which was a great follower of the Buddhism religion. Ashoka also spread Buddhism not as a religion of the country but also of his large Magadha Empire during his rule. He was so influenced by this religion that he started making a statue of Buddha and other things which is related to Buddhism. One can also see the existence of these in India in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Indus Valley Civilization is the first civilization of the world that has emerged in India. It was flourished on the Banks of the River Indus which is the longest river in Asia. It has different cities which are known to have a well-planned system are namely Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, Dholavira, Lothal.

Harappa and Mohenjo Daro is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dholavira is presently present in the Indian State of Gujarat in Kaccha.

British Rule In India

When British rulers ruled in India, India has faced many problems. This rule was also known as Crown Rule in India or British Raj in Hindustani. Britishers entered India in the year 1858 and their rule was ended in 1947.  India gained its Independence on 15 August 1947. Previously Pakistan which is situated in the west of India was also the part of India but when India gained Independence British India divided India into two parts i.e. India and Pakistan.

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Famous Cuisine of India that is World Famous

1) Butter Chicken: This famous Punjabi delicacy is loved by food connoisseur across the globe. It is one of the most popular dishes among non-vegetarian.

2) Idli, Dosa, and Vada with Sāmbhar: It is the most famous south Indian dish and is very flavorful also.

3) Biryani: Biryani of Hyderabad is also a world-famous cuisine.

4) Chola Bhature: Famous Punjabi delicacies that are rich in flavours that will make you lick your fingers.

5) Panipuri and Chats: It is generally street food but is loved by people across the world.

6) Samosa: Another street food which very popular all over the world.

7) Kebabs: The delicious taste has made this dish gain millions of fans across the world.

8) Rogan Josh: It is a Kashmiri delicacy that is very flavorful.

9) Dal Makhni: Favorite food of the North Indians. The taste is flavorful and this dish is loved by food lovers.

10) Malai Kofta: One of the most popular vegetarian dish and is very delicious.

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Most Popular Sports in India

1) Cricket: It is one of the most popular sports which is also played in local streets.

2) Hockey: It is the national sport of India and India is one of the most successful countries in this game.

3) Badminton: It is the 2nd most played sport in India after Cricket.

4) Chess: It was invented in India. Is one of the most popular indoor game in India.

5) Wrestling: It is one of the most-watched sport in India.

6) Basketball: It is the game that is played in most of the high schools, colleges and universities of India.

7) Kabaddi: This game is most famous among the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab and Telangana.

India is a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society and is home to a diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats.

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10 unusual things India

  1. Floating Stones of Rameshwaram
  2. Red Rain Kerala
  3. Half Size Taj Replica, Aurangabad
  4. Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzin Spiti
  5. Hanging Pillars Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh
  6. Land of Snakes Shetpal, Maharashtra
  7. Rat Temple Karni Mata Ka Mandir Bikaner
  8. Village Without Doors Shani Shingnapur Maharashtra
  9. Lake of Skeletons Roopkund Lake Chamoli Uttarakhand
  10. Levitating Stones Shivapur Maharashtra

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 10 Things You Didn’t Know About India

  1. For every 600 films Hollywood produces Bollywood make 1000 and they’re the most profitable films – when you compare the numbers Hollywood’s highest grossing film was 2009 The Avatar which made 2.8 billion dollars at the box office in stark contrast Hollywood  film 3 Idiots brought  billion and now that’s a profit.
  2. Shampoo was invented in India in the 16th-century herbs and natural ingredients were used than rather than today’s combination of modern chemicals and fragrances.
  3. Diamonds were first mined in India and it was the world’s greatest producer. India was the most productive diamond-mining country in the world until diamonds were found in Brazil in the 18th century there are now three active diamond mines in India and the famous Kohinoor diamond was found in the 13th century in India.
  4. The largest religious gathering in India can be seen from space. Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage which takes people to the banks of the Ganges after every 12 years. About 75 million people gather to bathe in the Ganges during the mela making it the largest pilgrimage on earth.
  5. Ancient Indian civilization is the oldest in the world we often look to ancient Greece and ancient Egypt but Indian civilization dates back to 2400 BC when it was split into 16 monarchs known as the Mahajanapadas there are even authenticated human remains that date back to 30,000 years in South Asia. The oldest Hindu texts were written between 2000 to 500 BC as well as the first texts on Science Medicine and astronomy. The digit 0 is also introduced to rest of the world from India.
  6. India is home to every major world religion and doesn’t have a national language. 1652 dialects are spoken across the different region in India.
  7. A polling station is set up for one voter in deer forest at every election. Mirage Verandas De Shonda’s gets his polling station entirely to himself because he is the only resident of Deer forest he’s been voting in Indian elections since 2004 and never misses one now what he has his own personal polling station mahant is the caretaker for the one temple  in the forests of Gujarat.
  8. Indian government has used scaffolding to hide the taj mahal when air strikes are predicted during the second world war and the Indian Pakistan wars scaffolding was put up around the distinctive domes of the Taj Mahal to make it less obvious from above they feared strikes by the Japanese air force during world war 2 so India hid the Taj Mahal to protect it from air strike.
  9. Indians invented navigation, yoga the world’s cheapest car (Nano) and Thorium based nuclear power. Indians invented navigation over 6000 years ago using rivers and sea.
  10. King Jaya Singh of Alwar nabbed Rolls-Royce in the best possible way. The king of Alwar was insulted by an employee of Rolls-Royce when he visited a showroom in London. As a very proud man he ordered a whole fleet of Roll-Royce cars and gave them to the city’s waste department so they could use them to transport rubbish throughout the city.

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