About Me

Why Vairagii Started?

Since my childhood, I am passionate about travelling. I have love for adventurous sports like trekking, rafting, paragliding, river crossing etc. From a last one year I constantly had covered many places across the India, specially the Himalaya range. Travel offers the ultimate joy I constantly yearn for. I have simple rules in my life “yours life is yours and only you can decide where it leads”. I never imagined the challenges and rewards of travel that would teach me so much about life. Earlier I used to visit different websites to know about different places to visit. As I was very keen on knowing different places, so I thought is there any valid reason why I shouldn’t make my own particular website that guide traveller’s for the best location to visit and food to eat as per the interest they seek for. So finally I started my work by making a list of best places all around the India which everyone should visit at least once in their life. I hope that from here you can get the best ideas for your vacation that make you feel alive and give some best memories of your life.

Vision Of Vairagii –  To become one of the  India”s top travel guide sites.

Travel!!!                                                                                                             Explore!!!                                                                                                                          Inspire!!!

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