LOCATIONGarhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand
ALTITUDE5490 Meters
BEST TIME TO VISIT Mid June and September to October

Auden’s Col Trek is a mountain peak that connects Jogin I which is located at a height of 6465 meters and Gangotri III which is located at a height of 6580 meters. Auden’s col is located at a height of 5490 meters above sea level.

This trek is undoubtedly one of the best treks in Garhwal region. It is the least explored trek as it is situated at a very higher height. The trek got his name from John Bicknell Auden, who was a Geographical Survey Officer discovered the pass in 1935 and crossed it in 1939.

The trek also links with two glaciers on the opposite sides, viz Khatling glacier and Jogin I glacier. The trek starts at Gangotri and ends in Kedarnath. These both are the prominent pilgrimage destinations and is among one of the twelve Jyotirlingas which are located in India.

This trek connects the Rudragira and Bhilangana Valley. A bridge is formed between the north-west ridge of Gangotri III, which is located at a height of 6580 meters. The ridge that is located at a height of 6465 meters at Jogin I meets the bridge on the east. 

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Auden’s Col Trekking expedition

It is one of the toughest treks in Garhwal Himalayan region. The trek includes some of the dangerous moraines, narrow cliffs, snowy and snaky paves. The trek also passes through the thick forest of the alpine forest; meadows, varied species of flowers, innumerable gushing streams, charming villages of the urban of Garhwal Himalaya, and some beautiful temples.

Auden’s Col Trek is a dream for all the trekkers who are experienced and knows about mountaineering. This place is heaven for nature lovers as this place gives the beautiful and mesmerizing view of higher altitude peaks such as Rudragaira, Jogin, Bhagirathi, and Kedar Dome.

This trek is loved by many trekkers and mountaineers and finds the trek interesting and adventurous. The trekker should be physically fit to undertake this trek. This trek is also known as the most adventurous pilgrim’s trek. Auden’s Col Trek offers a view of some majestic lakes that are located at a height such as Masar Tal, Pari Tal, and Vasuki Tal.

This trek offers the finest multi-terrain challenge. Auden’s Col Trek is the best trek ad gives you the most scenic walks in the lap of nature. Good quality of trekking shoes, slippers and comfortable clothes should be taken as this trek is located at a very high altitude. This trek is a semi-technical trek and is not advisable for new trekkers.

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Only professional trekkers are advised to attempt the trek. This trek is difficult because of its high towering peaks, high altitude, glacial moraine, crossing the rough and crevasse filled Khatling glacier, and remoteness of the region. The trek is a picturesque place and will give your inner soul peace definitely. It also gives the best view and a fabulous view of Garhwal Himalaya. 

Walk on this trek also gives you a pleasant feel. It is one of the tough treks among others and has extremely challenging routes. The route of this trek is stony and snaky and takes through some dangerous cliffs. Trekkers will definitely enjoy the spectacular view of snowcapped peaks.

It is also a great place for religious people as they can also visit the pilgrimage sites and temples during this trek. This trek is a great combination of thrill and rejuvenation and will surely give you an experience that will be remembered by you in your entire life.

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trek auden's


  • Rishikesh to Gangotri ( 3100 M) 8-10 Hrs
  • Gangotri to Nala Camp (3750 M) 5-6 Hrs
  • Nala Camp – Rudragyara(4350m) 7- 8 Hrs walk
  • Rudragyara to Gangotri 
  • Gangotri to Auden’s Col 
  • Auden’s Col to Khatling Glacier Camp via Auden Col
  • Khatling Glacier – Waterfall Camp/Zero Point (12 km/10 hrs approx)
  • Chowki – Masar Tal (8 kms/6-7 hrs)
  • Masar Tal – Vasuki Tal (12 kms/6-7 hrs)
  • Vasuki Tal – Kedarnath (5 kms/3 hrs)
  • Kedarnath – Gaurikund (14 kms/3-4 hrs)

What To Pack

Here is your checklist for your treks. Make sure to pack these items.

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Trekking Gear

  •     A rucksack with rain cover
  •     A Hand/Head Torch with spare batteries
  •     UV Protection Sunglasses
  •     A trekking pole
  •     Raincoat
  •     Water Bottle
  •     A Full Sleeve Thick Jacket
  •     A Full Sleeve Sweater
  •     Thermal Inners
  •     Toilet Kit
  •     Hot Water Bags
  •     Socks (3 pairs)
  •     Light wind jacket
  •     T-shirts
  •     Underwear
  •     Trekking pants
  •     Warm hat
  •     Light gloves
  •     Duffel bag
  •     A lightweight umbrella.
  •     Sunscreen
  •     Towel
  •     Money pouch/belt
  •     Energy bars
  •     Vitamin tablets


  • Non-skid deep trod hiking shoes -1
  •  Pair of lightweight Slipper/Sandals -1


  •  Camera (optional)
  •  Personal medicine kit. Make sure you consult your doctor before the trek in case you have any special ailment.

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