Paragliding is a very popular air – sport in India. Adventure lovers love to do this activity which is full of thrill. Paragliding satisfies the craving of those who want to fly like a bird in the open sky. This adventure activity allows the pilot to be with his surroundings. Flights last for some minutes or also for some hours. Paragliding is different from parasailing as engine propeller is not used in this activity.


 Experienced pilots can also take flights from high altitudes also. People of any age group can enjoy this air – sports activity. Minimum training is required. Control of this glider is completely in the hands of a pilot or glider.

 This sport gives you total freedom as a pilot can stop and also can take – off whenever he wants. There are different types of Paragliding in India like hang gliding, powered paragliding, Speed riding, and speed flying. Paragliding gives you a perfect opportunity to witness beautiful landscapes from different – different angles.


 Himachal Pradesh is known as the capital of Paragliding as Himachal is blessed with an abundance of beauty. The northern part of India is a perfect place for Paragliding as it is blessed with an abundance of beauty and picture-perfect views of landscapes. 

The beauty of northern India is untouched by humans. South India is also famous for paragliding as the states there are near to beaches and seas. Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bangalore. Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Meghalaya are some of the best places in India for not only paragliders but also for adventure lovers. Paragliding is a perfect sport that will give you a perfect opportunity to explore nature and its beauty. Adventure lovers can enjoy this adventure activity with your friends and family.  parachute

Equipment’s used in Paragliding: Here is a list of different types of equipment that are used during Paragliding:

1) Paragliders: Paragliders are the most important equipment for doing Paragliding. Purchasing of this equipment depends upon the takeoff weight and LTF / EN Rating.

2) Harness: Harness is connected to Glider. It is one of the most important equipments for doing paragliding as it secures the body of the pilot. Fitting of the harness is not the same but is different for different persons.

3) Parachute: Parachute is used to secure the pilot. Parachutes are also known as the emergency reserve system. Parachute is a must for those mountain flights that are above 500 feet.

4) Helmet: Helmet is a must needed equipment as it will save you from head injuries. Full face helmets are used for high flights whereas Face helmets are also used by some of the pilots.

5) Two-meter radio and radio Harness: Radio is one of the essential parts for paragliding. This radio will help you to communicate with other pilots. This equipment helps the paragliders to rescue the pilot if needed.

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6) Speed Bar: Stirrup is the other name of this equipment. This equipment helps the pilots to comfort themselves in their harness. This equipment also gives a footrest for your flight.

7) Variometer: Variometer helps you to know the key information like altitude, time, and an audio tone for the climb and reasonable rate. This equipment gives you an opportunity to mapping out thermals while soaring and making altitude gains.

8) Flight Deck: Flight deck is used to hold the GPS and Variometer. The flight deck is clipped with a harness and is placed in your laps. This deck also helps to store water, extra batteries, cell phone, and other important things.

9) Flight suit: Flight suit is not very important equipment but helps the pilot to zip the suit quickly at launch.

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10) Concertina Bags: These bags are essential as it makes packing the glider much easier. It is important, especially during higher winds. This bag also provides protection from the direct harmful rays of the sun. Concertina Bags protects the mylars and also reduces the amount of creasing in them.

11) Hook Knife: Hook knife is helpful for that situation when you end up landing in water. It is handy equipment.

Top 11 places in India which are known as the best Places to do Paragliding:

S No.NameLocation`CostSpecification
1Bir BillingHimachal PradeshRs.2500 per personMarch to June is the best time to do this activity. Bir Billing is located at a height of 2600 meters.
2SikkimIndiaRs.2200 per personSikkim is one of the most famous attractions in India. Sikkim is blessed with an abundance of beauty.
3KunjapuriUttarakhandRs.  1800-2500 per personThe best part of this place is its beautiful sunrise and sunset.
4PavanaMaharashtraRs.2500 per personThis place is known as one of the best places for paragliding in western India.
5Nandi HillsBangaloreRs.2690 per personNandi hill is a prime location of paragliding in India.
6Bedni BugyalUttarakhandRs.2500 per personThis place is located at a height of 3354 meters and offers you jaw-dropping views of the Himalayan mountains.
7YelagiriTamil NaduRs. 1500 per personYelagiri a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu and is home to beautiful nature.
8ShillongMeghalayaRs. 2000 per personShillong is known as Scotland of East India. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers as well as paragliding lovers.
9Arambol BeachGoaRs. 3000 per personParagliding in Arambol Beach gives a very unique and breathtaking experience.
10Aravalli HillsRajasthanRs. 1300 per personThis place is one of the best places for paragliders. These ranges give a picture-perfect view of Rajasthan.
11SatpuraGujaratRs. 1000 per personThis place is also famous among adventure lovers.


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