Bungee jumping is a kind of activity that is full of thrill and adventure. This activity will satisfy you’re craving for doing adventurous things. This sport is for brave-hearted peoples who do not get weak on their knees when reached a height. There are many places in India that are famous for Bungee Jumping such as Rishikesh, Lonavala, Bangalore, Delhi, and Goa. This adventure activity is perfect for adventure junkies and also for those who love to feel the rush of adrenaline. Bungee Jumping is rapidly growing in India and has also become a craze in India. This activity will give you a perfect and unique experience that can be cherished forever. In this activity, one will be attached to a harness that is attached to a thick rope. There are many safety procedures performed before doing this activity. When all the safety procedures are performed, you will jump from a height that is jaw-dropping and spine-chilling. This activity is full of twisting, dropping, turning, and being hoisted up. This activity is very famous among tourists and adventure lovers also. You can enjoy this activity with your family and friends.bungee


Person doing this activity should be physically fit and being physically fit is the main requirement. It is advised that you should not be suffering from high blood pressure and also your heart rate should be stable. This activity is full of twisting, dropping, turning, and being hoisted up. Your knees should be strong to withstand these all things. 15 to 50 is the perfect age for doing this activity. The weight of the body also plays an important role in Bungee Jumping as the weight of the body should be heavy enough to make the rope stretch as well as light enough to not let the tension disintegrate. The limit of the weight is from 35 kilograms to 110 kilograms. The length of the rope is the other factor that affects this activity. The length of the rope should be less than the height of the ground from the platform. You should also listen carefully to the instructions that are given by the trained instructors.  bungee

Top 6 places in India where Bungee Jumping is Very Famous







2500-3000 per person

Rishikesh is a perfect place for Bungee Jumping. This place is also India’s highest Bungee Jumping spot.



2500-3000 per person

Lonavala is one of the best places for Bungee Jumping and is also very beautiful.



500-1000 per person

Bangalore is a perfect place for adventure junkies. Bungee Jumping is a thrilling sport and is also very popular in Bangalore.



1500-2000 per person

Bungee Jumping is also very famous in Delhi.



500-1000 per person

Place where Bungee Jumping is done is near to Anjuna Beach. Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa.



500-1000 per person

Jagdalpur is located in the Chhattisgarh state of India. Nomadier initiated this adventure activity in Chhattisgarh.


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