Location- Leh Ladakh Duration- 9 to 10 days
Grade- Difficult Temperature – 15℃ to (-25℃)
Altitude – 3400 meters Distance – 107 Km

Frozen River Chadar Trek- Popularly known as the ‘Chadar Trek’ due to the formation of the thick blanket of snow, it is considered as one of the challenging as well as tricky treks in the world. It is also considered one of the best winter treks in India. It is a difficult trek where trekkers have to cover approximately 107km, which would take 9 to 10 days to complete. The trek is very difficult as the temperature here falls minus -25 degrees.

While during the summers, the region adorns the most vibrant color of nature, during the winters it is embraced with heavy snowfalls that cut off the entire region from the rest of the world. 

In the trek of Chadar, you will come across a number of breathtaking sights. You will see the frozen waterfalls, monasteries and Shanti Stupas. All these views will mesmerize you for sure. Once you reach the final point, you will experience like never before. This is the reason why it is considered one of the best places to visit in India.

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Route From Leh to Chadar Trek –  

Fly to Leh – 

First of all, you have to take a flight from New Delhi to Leh. It will take 1hour 30 minutes approximately to reach Leh airport. It is a very pleasant view when you fly over the mountains covered with snow.

Drive to Tilad Do via Chilling

After reaching to Leh, you have to drive to the Tilad Do. Tilad Do is basically a starting point of the Chadar Trek. You will go from Leh to Tilad Do via Chilling. It will take approximately 2 to 2:30 hours to reach the Tilad Do. 

Tilad Do to Gyplo via Shingra Koma –

Tilad Do is the point from where your actual Chadar Trek begins. The total distance of the trek from Tilad Do to Gyplo is 12 to 14 Km. The altitude of the Tilad (10,400 ft ) is less than Leh (11,400 Ft ). 

Gyplo to Tibb Cave

The next day you have to start your journey from the Gyplo. The distance from the Gyplo to Tibb Cave is about 15 to 17 Km. It can be very tiring for most people. You have to prepare your mind for this. It is advisable for you to take some energy bars and dry fruits with you. And don’t forget to take your water bottle as well. 

Tibb Cave to Naerak Camp

After reaching the Tibb Cave, you have to take some rest. The next day your journey to the Chadar trek will start again. This is the last point of your Chadar trek. You will finally going to walk on the frozen river. The distance from the Tibb Cave to Naerak Camp is 13 Km. You will come across a giant frozen waterfall. Naerak is basically a village which is very beautiful. This is the only place in your entire trek of Chadar where you can get the facility of communication.

Naerak to Tibb Cave

After spending the night in the Naerak village it’s time to return back to Leh. Although it is always easier to go down than going up. But still, you have to be very careful with your steps. It is also possible that when you come back, you will have a different view of the Frozen River. This is because a slight change in temperature can change how the river reacts?

Tibb Cave to Gyplo

The next day you have to walk from Tibb Cave to Gyplo. If you are lucky enough you can get the chance to see the snow Leopard.

Gyplo to Tilad Do and drive to Leh

This is the last day of magical and beautiful Chadar Trek. After reaching Tilas Do, you have to take a car and drive to Leh. This is the end of the amazing Frozen river trek. One thing is sure that you are going to remember this trek for the whole of your life.

Return from Leh

After reaching to the Leh again, you can go to some more amazing places in Leh. If you are really feeling tired, you can go to the Leh airport and take a flight back to your home.

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Chadar Frozen River Trek is not an easy walk in the park. It is a challenging and tiring trek. Before starting your  Chadar Trek, you have to prepare physically and mentally. Here is the list of some necessary things that you need in the trek and some important guidelines that you should follow.

Important Guidelines –

  •   The trekker must be aware of the ice sheet conditions.
  •   Finding places with a coating of snow is the best place to walk normally.
  •   Cracks may suddenly appear under one’s feet and it is required to run to more solid footing immediately.
  •   Watch your steps.
  •   You should hire a guide or local people to go on this trek.

What to Pack

Here is your checklist for your treks. Make sure to pack these items.

Trekking Gear:-

  • A rucksack with rain cover
  • A Hand/Head Torch with spare batteries
  • UV Protection Sunglasses
  • A trekking pole
  • Raincoat
  • Water Bottle
  • A Full Sleeve Thick Jacket
  • A Full Sleeve Sweater
  • Thermal Inners
  • Toilet Kit
  • Hot Water Bags

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  • Non-skid deep trod hiking shoes -1
  • Pair of lightweight Slipper/Sandals -1


  • Camera (optional)
  • Personal medicine kit. Make sure you consult your doctor before the trek in case you have any special ailments.
  • Dry fruits, energy bars.

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