LOCATIONChamba, Dalhousie
ALTITUDE2755 Meters
BEST TIME TO VISIT March and May and June and October

Dainkund Peak is situated in the Dalhousie region. This place is worth a visit as it has lush green surroundings. In Dalhousie, Dainkund Peak is the highest peak and gets maximum snowfall.

The whole land is rich in natural beauty. The tall and beautiful Deodar trees, calm forests, colorful flowers, and green valleys are the reason why people are so fond of this place.

 The view of mud houses of Dainkund can also be seen from here and it offers scenic charm and picturesque view. This place is located at a height of 2755m above sea level. It gives a 360-degree view of the whole valley.

It is a perfect place for photographers as it has many photogenic views such as Khajjiar Lake from Dainkund. The superb picture of the lush green trees and tranquil mountains can be captured here. 

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dainkund peak

This place is one of the main attraction among the tourist as most of them come here to enjoy the calm and peaceful surroundings and also to visit the Pholani Devi Temple, which is one of the major attractions here.

The peak is a great place to experience the comfort of the silent breeze flowing. The peak provides a panoramic view of the valleys and also soothes your mind and soul. 

This place is the best place to freshen up the mind. It is a must-visit place. It will not only be a great experience but is also a great place to be. You can stare down the valley as well as the blanket of stars over you at the same time.

You can also enjoy the wild daisy blossoms and fluttering butterflies will simply take out breath away. You can also get a glimpse of the Kailash Mountain on a clear day. You can also hear the pleasant breeze blowing through the trees creating a musical serenade.

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dainkund trek

Interesting Facts about Dainkund Peak

  • Dainkund Trek is one of the best treks in the country.
  • Dainkund Peak is the highest peak in the whole Dalhousie region.
  • Dainkund Peak is situated at a height of 2755 meters above sea level.
  • The real meaning of Dainkund Peak is the city of the witches.
  • It was believed that this peak was the abode of witchcraft.
  • This peak provides you the best views of the valleys that you can have in this region.
  • This place is also popular for its colorful flower valley that looks beautiful in monsoon season.
  • You will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and stunning valleys.


  • It is always better to carry a first aid kit along with you in case of an emergency.
  • The temperature even falls sometimes so it is advised to carry warm clothes, jackets, and gloves.
  • Have proper shoes if you are visiting this place in winter months as there is a high chance of finding snow.

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The trek starts from the base camp of the Indian Airforce (IAF). This place is 12km from Dalhousie. You can easily reach this point by bus or taxi as per your convenience. The trek is not much long and difficult. It is just 1.5km trek to the top. You will also encounter some benches and sitting arrangements throughout the trek. This is good and very much needed for people who get tired at the time of trekking.

You will catch some very beautiful and mesmerizing views as you go to the top. This trail actually leads to a Pohlani Mata Temple that is located on the top of the peak. 

The lush green landscape of the majestic hills of the valley and the mountain wind singing a melodious song to you. It is no wonder Dainkund is also called as the ‘Singing Hills of India’.

What To Pack

Here is your checklist for your treks. Make sure to pack these items.

Trekking Gear
  •    A rucksack with rain cover
  •    A Hand/Head Torch with spare batteries
  •    UV Protection Sunglasses
  •    A trekking pole
  •    Raincoat
  •    Water Bottle
  •    A Full Sleeve Thick Jacket
  •    A Full Sleeve Sweater
  •    Thermal Inners
  •    Toilet Kit
  •    Hot Water Bags
  • Non-skid deep trod hiking shoes -1
  • Pair of lightweight Slipper/Sandals -1
  • Camera (optional)
  • Personal medicine kit. Make sure you consult your doctor before the trek in case you have any special ailment.
  • Dry fruits, energy bars

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