Jeep Safari is also very famous in India and there are many interesting places in India for doing this activity. This activity is very popular among adventure lovers, animal lovers, photographers, and nature lovers. Jeep safari encompasses the beauty of India. You will surely get to know more about the beauty of nature. Jeep Safari is the best way to face the adventures. You will get a golden opportunity of passing through rugged trails and challenging terrains.

The best part of this activity is that you can stop wherever you want. Camel Safaris and horse safaris are also very famous in India. Ladakh, Dharamshala, Lahaul, Spiti, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Rajasthan are some of the places that are perfect for adventure junkies. Jeep Safaris in India will transfer you to a different world where you can explore the unexplored beauty of nature.


This activity will satisfy your adventure thirst. Jeep Safari gives you a perfect opportunity to whiz off in our car as long and as far as you want too. Jeep Safari in India is very famous and is perfect for explorers who want to explore the Indian wildlife. This adventure activity is the best option that is convenient and secure. The best wildlife destination of India that is perfect for jeep safaris in Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Manas National Park, Nagarhole National Park, Pench National Park, Panna National Park, and Bandhavgarh National Park.

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 India is the perfect place for a comfortable journey. Jeep Safari is a perfect combination of comfort and adventure. Jeep Safari is known to be one of the best to explore the unexplored places in India. You will have a golden opportunity to explore the beauty of National Parks, forests, narrow mountainous highways, lush green valleys, and deserts. Jeep safari is one of the best methods to travel around. 

This adventure activity is perfect for adventure junkies and will give you a unique and thrilling experience. Jeep Safari is boon for elder people. You will surely love this adventure activity with your family and friends.


Top 10 routes of India which are famous for Jeep Safaris in India

1)     Delhi – Manali – Leh Jeep Safari Tour:

 Delhi is the starting point of this jeep tour. This route is very famous among adventure junkies. After Delhi, this route cuts and runs through Manali, Sarchu, Leh, Hemis, Khardung La. The Cost of this activity is 28000 per person. This tour will give you a unique experience and also you will get to know more about the different cultures and traditions of Himachal Pradesh. You will also get to notice the majestic River Indus.  

2)     Ladakh – Lakes Jeep Safari Tour: 

Ladakh is home to different types of adventures. Grand lake jeep Safari tour in Ladakh is very famous among the adventure junkies. The Lake is located at a high altitude. This Jeep Safari tour is perfect for explorers and nature lovers also. This tour will give you a unique experience. You will enjoy the adrenaline rush as you drive to the higher pass in Indian Himalayas.

3)     Lahaul – Spiti – Ladakh Jeep Safari tour: 

The journey to Lahaul and Spiti is also known as the reflection of Ladakh. Lahaul – Spiti is known as a twin sister. Nature lovers will love the weather and flora and fauna of this place. You will get a perfect opportunity to witness the dramatic landscape change as soon as you enter the Lahaul – Spiti district.

jungle jeep

4)     Delhi – Dharamshala – Mcleodganj – Amritsar:

 Delhi Jeep Safari Tour: Jeep safari is a perfect combination of both comfort and adventure. Delhi – Mcleodganj Jeep Safari tour is one of the most famous jeep safari routes of Himachal Pradesh. This tour will give you a unique experience and you will surely love this place.

5)     Garhwal Himalayas Jeep Safari Tour: 

Garhwal Himalayas is located in the lap of Uttarakhand which is also known as Land of Gods. It is one of the best Jeep Safari tours in India. Explorers will get a golden opportunity to explore the unexplored beauty of nature. There are many different activities in Uttarakhand to do such as rafting and trekking and is a perfect place for adventure junkies.

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6)     Corbett National Park Jeep Safari Tour: 

Corbett National Park is located in Uttarakhand and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. You will get an opportunity to see different varieties of wildlife. You will surely enjoy this journey.  

7)     Monasteries Jeep Safari Tour in Ladakh:

 Ladakh is not only famous for its spectacular beauty. Monasteries are the main cultural centers of Ladakh. There are many age-old Tibetan monasteries n Ladakh which are very famous. Monasteries are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. This tour is very spiritual and also adventure impulse.  


8)     Ladakh’s highest pass Jeep Safari Tour:

 Khardung La and Marsimik La are the two highest mountain passes of India. This safari tour is full of adventure and will give you a unique experience.

9)     Ranthambore National Park

 Ranthambore National Park is located in the Rajasthan state of India. Jeep Safari in this national park will give you an exciting and thrilling experience. Animal lovers will have a good opportunity to see wildlife animals in their natural turf. This National park is open throughout the year. October to June is the best time to visit this park as you can enjoy watching tigers and birds. Ranthambore Park is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna.

10)     Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Rajasthan and is home to an outstanding variety of flora and fauna. This wildlife sanctuary is a perfect destination for wildlife lovers. Jeep Safaris are easily available in this wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife is also a perfect place for explorers. Explorers can explore the interiors of the dark mysterious forests. This place gives you a perfect view of the majestic tiger and the beautiful peacocks.

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