Union TerritoryLadakh
GRADEEasy to Moderate
ALTITUDE5500 Meters
BEST TIME TO VISITJune to September

Leh Ladakh is world-famous for its spectacular landscapes and beautiful monasteries The world’s highest motorable road is also situated in this region. Apart from that, there are also some great treks which are full of adventure and fun. Nubra valley trek is one of them.

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Nubra valley is situated in the northeast of the Ladakh. The inhabited areas of the Nubra construct a tri- armed valley. This valley is cut by the two rivers which are Nubra and Shyok. The Place where both these rivers meet, form a large valley that separates the Ladakh and Karakoram ranges.

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As per the information and according to the locals, the old name or you can say the Tibetan name of the Nubra is Ldumra. The word Ldumra means “The Valley of Flowers”. The main headquarter of the Nubra is the Diskit village. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Ladakh region. Diskit is around 150 Km. from Leh.


Reach to Leh –

First of all, you have to take a flight to Leh. You can also reach Leh by road as well. If you want you can visit the local market of Leh or directly go ahead towards your main destination.

Leh to Nubra Valley –

 Next, you have to drive to Nubra valley which is about 170 Km.from Leh. It will take you around 5 to 6 hours.

Nubra Valley to Diskit – 

Once you reached the Nubra valley than you have to drive to Diskit village which is 75 Km. from Nubra valley. 

Diskit to Hunder – 

Now you have to lead to the Hunder which is the starting point of the trek.

Hunder to Skarchan –

The next point of the trek is Skarchan which is approx 3800 meters of altitude. You will come across some amazing landscapes during your trek.

Skarchan to Dok Yogma – 

Froom Skarchan to Dok Yogma village it will take approx 3 hours. There is one more village between Skarchan and Dok Yogma which is Wacham village. 

Dog Yogma to Thanglasgo –

After reaching to Dog Yogma, the next point is Thanglasgo. Before Thanglasgo you will reach to one more village which is Hunder Dok.

Thanglasgo to Dawa Peak –Continue your journey to Dawa Peak. The climb of Dawa peak is not very difficult. If you are fit you will not find any difficulty in climbing the peak.

Dawa Peak to Lasemola Pass –  Lasermola is about 4-5 hours trek from the Dawa peak with an altitude of about 5000 meters.

Lasemola Pass to Phyiang village – In the final stage of the trek, you have to descend to Phyiang village. This is also a beautiful place to visit.

Phyiang village to Leh 

Drive back to Leh.

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Major Attractions of Nubra Valley –

Diskit Village – 

It is the major village of the Ladakh. Diskit is a very beautiful village with some breathtaking landscapes. It has the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery in the Nubra valley. Diskit monastery also known as Diskit Gompa.

Thiksey Monastery – 

 It is about 17 Km. from Leh. The marvelous statue of Buddha is the main attraction here. A glorious monastery has 12 storied building complexes. The wonderful wall paintings are carved with the ides of Buddhas.  This is one of the most popular monasteries in the Ladakh region. The festival called Thiksey is celebrated with joy and splendor. 

Hemis Gompa – 

Hemis Gompa is about 45 Km. from Leh.  This monastery was founded in 1630 and re-established in 1672. Hemis Monastery has a beautiful architecture which is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Nubra valley.

Panamik Village –

Panamik is the last village of the Nubra valley which is open for tourists. This is truly a paradise of Nubra valley. It is famous for its hot springs. It is believed that taking bath in this hot spring cures many diseases.

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What To Pack

Here is your checklist for your treks. Make sure to pack these items.

Trekking Gear:-

  •    A rucksack with rain cover
  •    A Hand/Head Torch with spare batteries
  •    UV Protection Sunglasses
  •    A trekking pole
  •    Raincoat
  •    Water Bottle
  •    A Full Sleeve Thick Jacket
  •    A Full Sleeve Sweater
  •    Thermal Inners
  •    Toilet Kit
  •    Hot Water Bags




  • Non-skid deep trod hiking shoes -1
  • Pair of lightweight Slipper/Sandals -1




  • Camera (optional)
  • Personal medicine kit. Make sure you consult your doctor before the trek in case you have any special ailment.
  • Dry fruits, energy bars

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