If you are looking for the best destinations for River Rafting In India, you land in the right place. In this blog, we are sharing with you the 10 best destinations for River Rafting In India. These sites are considered as the best destinations for River Rafting In India.  So, without wasting time, let’s start the list.

Rafting is the other name of thrill and adventure. It is a perfect experience of sailing on the untamed waters. Rafting is one of the most popular activities as it gives a thrilling experience. This is one of the best outdoor activity which gives you a whole new level of challenge and excitement. 

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Rafting gives you one of the best trekking experience. This adventure activity challenges both your mind and body. You can have the best experience of Rafting is in the lap of Himalayas and in the foothills of these mountain ranges. Rafting is not only for experienced trekkers but also for amateurs.

 But rafters should have proper knowledge of the right precautions that should be taken during doing rafting. Rafting is one of the best water activities where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Rafting is known as a recreational adventure sport. The raft is used, which helps to sail through the waters. Rafting is a very rapidly growing among tourists and adventure lovers. rafting1

Previously it was known as popular leisure support. Rafting is challenging support and is done on different degrees and rapids of untamed waters. Rafting demands specific techniques of maneuvering. Punching and high siding are the two main techniques required to conduct rafting. According to rafters, Punching requires the crew to paddle the raft fast, so that raft gains enough speed to push through the hydraulic current. High Siding in Rafting is required if the raft goes sideways.

 Rafting is a very dangerous sport. Proper safety precautions should be remembered. The best part of this adventure activity is gushing through the river rapids on a raft. Ganga, Alaknanda, Brahmaputra, Satluj, Sharda, Tons, Indus, Teesta, Bhagirathi, Barapole, and Zanskar are the major rivers that are perfect for rafting.

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 Rishikesh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Zanskar are some places that are heaven for rafting peaks. Grades of river rapids range from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Rafting capital of India is Rishikesh as this place offers rapid varying from easy to tough. Rishikesh is the best destination for all types of rafters from experienced to new ones. Brahmaputra River offers a fascinating opportunity to rafters. Zanskar River Rafting Expedition also known as Brahmaputra River Rafting is for experienced rafters.  Rafting will give you a unique experience. You will cherish this memory throughout your life. Rafting will make your soul feel blessed. Rafting is one of the best adventurous activities as well as the most loved activity among adventure lovers.rafting2

Here is the List of Places for best river rafting in India.

Top 10 River Rafting places in India.

Serial No.NameLocationCost(INR)Specification
1Ganga River RaftingRishikesh, Uttarakhand450 – 1300 per person

September to June is the best time to do rafting. 

Rishikesh is one of the world’s best destinations for rafting.

2Teesta River RaftingDarjeeling, Sikkim.1500-1800 per person

October and April is the best season for rafting. 

Teesta river is a thrilling river rafting spot. This place is best for experienced trekkers who love to take new challenges.

3Brahmaputra River RaftingArunachal Pradesh 9000-12000 per person

November to March is the best season for doing rafting. 

Camping is also available near the banks of the river.

4River Barapole RaftingCoorg, Karnataka1200-1500 per personJune to September is the best time for doing rafting here.
5Kundalika River RaftingMaharashtra600 – 700 per person

June to September is the best season to do rafting. 

Kundalika River is the fastest river in Kolad and is an excellent destination for rafting.

6Indus River RaftingLadakh, Jammu and Kashmir1500-1800 per person

The best season for rafting is June to August. 

Indus river gives a perfect opportunity for the rafters to enjoy to the fullest. Camping on the bank of the river will give you thrill and adventure.

7Beas River RaftingKullu – Manali400 – 600 per person

March to July is the best season to do rafting in Beas River. 

Rafters will enjoy the picture-perfect view of the mountains and can enjoy the spectacular and mesmerizing scenery.

8Dandeli River RaftingKarnataka1600-2000 per person

November to June is the best time to do rafting.

 Rafters will flow through the altitude of 1549 feet. Kali river is the river where rafting is done at Dandeli.

9Alaknanda River RaftingUttarakhand13,500-14,500 per person

Best season for rafting is October to June. 

Alaknanda is one of the most dangerous and challenging rivers. Camping alongside the river is also of great fun.

10Zanskar River RaftingLadakh1500-1800 per person

July to August is the best time to do this adventure sport.

 Zanskar river flows at a height of 12,000 feet. This rafting ends where the Zanskar river merges with the Indus River.

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