STATE BIRD OF SikkimBlood Pheasant
MAIN TOWNSGangtok, Namchi, Jorethang, Rangpo, Gyalshing and Mangan
TEMPERATURESummer(March to June)(5℃ to 25℃) Monsoon(July to Sep)(4℃ to 17℃) Winter(Oct to Feb)(-5℃ to 7℃)

Sikkim is a North Eastern state of India. In the north, it shares border with China and with Bhutan in its east. Nepal in its west and in its south shares the border with Indian State of West Bengal. It is one of the Indian State which is less popular and second smallest state. Sikkim is famous for its biodiversity, including alpine and subtropical climates. It is also famous for the highest peak in India and third highest on earth that is Kanchenjunga.


Sikkim is developing at a rapid pace. This state has many good job opportunities and is a major attraction for many people. Sikkim follows Buddhist culture but you can also find churches, monasteries, gurudwaras, mosques and temples here. The state has a unique culture and has no well-defined true culture.

There are 3 types of inhabitants living here:

1)     Lepchas

2)     Bhutias

3)     Nepalese

This place has also the culture of interracial marriages among the three above inhabitants. The place is very colorful and has a different and wonderful culture. This place follows the Ayurvedic lifestyle. The most cultivated crop is rice and most of the people living in Sikkim are fond of rice. Alcohol is consumed by both men and women in public also.

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Major Festivals

1) Losoong Harvest Festival: This festival is celebrated when the harvesting season ends. Chaam dance is performed by locals and this festival is celebrated in the Phodong monastery, Tsu – La – Khanng monastery and Rumtek monastery.

2) Drupka Teshi: It is a famous festival of Buddhist. This festival is celebrated on the day when Buddha added Four Nobel Truths in 5 disciples in Sarnath which is a famous deer park.

3) Losar: It is celebrated as a Tibetan New Year. This festival is celebrated in the month of February with joy and delicious foodstuffs.

4) Bumchu Festival: The festival is celebrated in the month of January. This festival is held at the Tashiding monastery. In this festival holy water is filled in a pot and then is distributed among the disciples.

5) Namsoong Festival: It is celebrated in the month of December or January and is a famous festival in Sikkim.

6) Kash: A 3-day festival which is also known as the most expensive festival in Sikkim.

7) Saga Dawa: This festival is celebrated in the month of May and June. This festival is celebrated on the occasions of the birth of Lord Buddha.

Main Attractions-

  1. Gangtok- GangtokIt is the capital city of Sikkim and is one of the famous tourist destinations. The scenic view of Gangtok will give you mental peace. Nature lovers can enjoy the scenic beauty, lush forests and gurgling rivers. Adventure lovers can enjoy different activities like river rafting and mountain biking.
  2. Yuksom- yuksomLocated in the western part of the state. It is the origin of the many adventurous treks like the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga. It is also known for its beauty and untouched nature. It is one of the most peaceful and scenic place to visit Sikkim.
  3. Tsongo Lake- tsongoIt is also known as Changu lake in Sikkim. It is located 38 km from Gangtok at an altitude of 12400 ft. This lake is one of the highest lakes in India. In winters the lake remains frozen and in summer brings a charm and a very beautiful and scenic view.
  4. Nathula Pass- nathulaThis pass connects Sikkim and Tibet. Nathula pass located at a towering height of 4310m above the sea levels. To visit the pass, one has to get the permission from the tourist department. Only Indians are allowed to visit the pass. Foreign National cannot visit the Nathula Pass.
  5. Pelling- PellingFrom this town, one can have the best view of the Himalayas and also of Kanchenjunga Peak. It is located at a height of 7200 feet above the sea. One can observe several waterfalls, breathtaking views and natural beauties. Adventure loving persons have options like rafting, trekking, mountain biking etc.
  6. Lachung- lachungIt is one of the popular destination in Sikkim. It is located at a height of 8610 feet. One call fall in love with this place because of it’s untouched and scenic beauty. It is one of the favorite tourist destination.
  7. Ravangla- ravanglaThis town is between Gangtok and Pelling and is among the best places to visit in Sikkim. This hill town also consists of some of the most popular treks. This place is heaven for birdwatchers as in this region one can find the rarest and endangered birds.
  8. Namchi- namchiIn the Tibetan language of Nanchi means ‘top of the sky’. It is located around 92 km from Gangtok and is at a height of 1675 meters above sea level. It is also known as the gorgeous city. This city has 9108 feet Lord Shiva Statue.
  9. Do-Druel Chorten- dodruelchortenIt was built in 1945 by the leader Rimpoche. It has the largest Stupa in the state. Here stupa is laced with 108 Mani Thakur prayer wheels.
  10. GuruDongmar- gurudongmaIt is a freshwater lake. Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world and highest lake in India. Located at an altitude of 17,800 ft.  It is also known as Tso Chesmo Lake. In winters the whole lake is frozen but one of its part never freezes as this part is blessed by Padmasambhava.

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The state has five seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Monsoon. Sikkim is one of the few states in India to receive regular snowfall. The tundra-type region in the north is snowbound for four months every year. The temperature drops below 0°C (32 °F) almost every night. During the monsoon, heavy rains increase the risk of landslides. The record for the longest period of continuous rain in Sikkim is 11 days. Fog affects many parts of the state during winter. The monsoons, making transportation perilous.


Dishes such as thukpa, chowmin, thanthuk and gyathuk are common in Sikkim. Steamed dumplings filled with vegetables, buffalo meat served with soup are a popular snack. Sikkim has the third-highest per capita alcoholism rate amongst all Indian states, behind Punjab and Haryana.

1) Momos

2) Sinki

3) Gundruk

4) Sha Phaley

5) Phagshapa

6) Thukpa

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Sikkim is known as the best tourist destination in India. It is the most peaceful place in India and is a major tourist attraction. Sikkim is also home to the world’s third highest peak, Kanchenjunga. This state is also famous among trekkers. Gangtok, Rumtek, Phodong, Pemayangtse and Yuksom – Zongri trekking route are famous in Sikkim. This place includes beautiful lakes and monasteries which makes this place as one of the best tourist attraction in India. Sikkim is rich in flora and fauna and spectacular landscapes. This state is also politically stable. Visit this place will rejuvenate you and is a perfect tourist destination.

Adventure activities to do in Sikkim

1) River Rafting: River Teesta and River Rangit are the main tourist places that are famous for river rafting in Sikkim.

2) Mountain Biking: One can enjoy mountain biking in summers are from April to May and in winters from September to October. This activity is a perfect combination of thrill and adventure.

3) Paragliding: This outdoor activity is also famous among the tourists. You can enjoy paragliding in Gangtok city. The mesmerizing view of mountains and green surroundings makes this place a perfect place for paragliding.

4) Rock Climbing: Bulbulay Dara located in Gangtok is known as the perfect site for rock climbing.

5) Yak Ride: This activity is very popular among tourist in Sikkim. Tsomgo Lake is a perfect place for this outdoor activity.

6) Mountaineering: There are many high – altitude lakes and mountains which are places for mountaineers. Mt. Kangchenjunga, Mt. Kabru, Mt. Diniolchu, Mt. Thingchinkhang and Mt. Jopunu are the main mountains that are perfect for mountaineering.

7) Trekking: There are many famous treks in Sikkim that are perfect for trekkers such as Sandakphu Trek, Goecha La Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Singalia Trek, Dzongri Trek, Rhododendron Trek, Monastic Trek, Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek, Tosar Lake Trek, Himalayan Trek and Green Lake Trek.

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Interesting Facts

1) The state is ranked as second last position in GDP.

2) Local people of Sikkim do agriculture and tourism for their economy.

3) Sikkim is ranked as 7th according to literacy rate.

4) 3 main popular cuisine of Sikkim are Momos, Wonton and Thupka.

5) Highest producer of Cardamom in India is Sikkim.

6) Sikkim has the most foreign population.

7) There are 11 languages spoken in the tiny state of Sikkim.

8) Sikkim is also home to World’s second-highest suspension bridge.

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