India is the home of the most beautiful places around the world. The beauty of this country is unmatchable. One thing that makes this country one of the most beautiful places on the list, is its unforgettable and challenging treks.As such there are lots of best places to visit in India, but you should also try some famous treks in India as well.There are a number of beautiful treks in India that satisfy the hunger of your trekking soul but we choose the top 5 winter treks in India this time. So without wasting much time, let’s start our list of top 5 winter treks in India.

1. Kheerganga – The Place of Lord Shiva

Number of Days – 01

Region – Himachal Pradesh

Distance – 13 Km

Altitude – 2970 meters

Grade – Easy

Temperature – ( 0℃ to -15℃ )

Kheerganga is situated in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh located about 25 km away from Kasol. This is one of the best winter treks in India, specially for the beginners. You can go trekking, camping, nature walking, leisurely walks in the forest, mountain climbing and indulge in landscape photography during your stay at Kheerganga. The view of the sunset and trekking through Kheerganga forests is an incredible experience. A holy trail of Parvati valley the place where Lord Shiva meditates for about 2000 years. The trek is moderate and is suitable for beginners. The trek of Kheerganga is about 13 km from Barshani (14 km from Kasol anyone can easily hire a taxi at very cheap rates). Kheerganga is famous for its Hot Spring bath (Timings for a bath- 8 AM-5 PM). This is a great trek for beginners with some amazing views of Parvati valley. The only regret about this trek was the garbage that tourists throw over the trails. 

2. Har Ki Dun – Valley of Gods

Number of Days – 06 – 07

Region – Uttarakhand

Distance – 45 Km

Altitude – 3870 meters

Grade – Moderate

Temperature – ( 0℃ to -10℃ )

har ki dun

Har Ki Dun is a cradle shaped hanging valley. Myths and local beliefs suggest that this is the valley from where Pandavas go to heaven. It is located in Uttrakhand the valley is around 25 km from Taluka. The trek is difficult during winters. It is a 7 days trek first stage is from Taluka to Seema/Osla and the second stage is from Seema/Osla to Hari Ki Dun and the return route is the same. It is possible to complete the trek alone as well if you are a professional trekker.

 3. Chadar Trek – A Walk on the Frozen River

Number of Days – 09 – 10

Region – Ladakh

Distance – 107 Km

Altitude – 3400 meters

Grade – Difficult

Temperature – ( 10℃ to -25℃ )

chadar trek

It is a difficult trek where trekkers have to cover 107 km, which would take  9 to 10 days to complete. The trek is very difficult as the temperature here falls minus 25 degrees. The breathtaking sights that one can come across during the trek is worth mentioning. Here one can see the frozen waterfalls, monasteries and Shanti stupas. Once you reach the final point, you will surely experience inner peace which you haven’t thought of in life. If you are professional trekker, this is the trek you should be in your list. This is consider one of the best winter treks in India by trekkers. 

4. Roopkund – Trek to The Mysterious Lake 

Number of Days – 07 to 08

Region – Uttarakhand

Distance – 53 Km

Altitude – 4800 meters

Grade – Moderate to Difficult

Temperature – ( 0℃ to -20℃ )

roop kund

Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake situated in the state of Uttarakhand. Roopkund the most popular trek in India. The Roopkund trail climbs out of splendid dark forests suddenly bursting into Ali and Bedni Bugyal, arguably India’s most beautiful high altitude meadows. Imagine trekking on the roads with human skeletons on the sides. One will come across 100’s of skeletons on the edges of the Roopkund Lake. The trek is 53km approx and takes about 07- 08 days. The trek is difficult in winters but the view on top is worth taking the risk. This is the reason why we add this trek in the our list of the best winter treks in India. 

5. Bhrigu Lake – Pool of the Gods

Number of Days – 02 – 03 

Region – Himachal Pradesh

Distance – 26 Km

Altitude – 43000 meters

Grade – Moderate to Difficult

Temperature – ( 0℃ to -15℃ )

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is one of the most prominent, scenic lakes located in the Manali region. The Bhrigu Lake trek begins at Gulaba. One can get fabulous pine forest and mountains as soon as you cross Kothi. It is also believed that this was the site where Rishi Bhrigu wrote the Bhrigu Samhita, an astrological manuscript with predictions of the future and records of the past. It is considered a difficult trek. This requires 2-3 days of hard trekking to reach and the trek is about 26 km from Gulaba. The special meadows stretch far and wide almost like an endless carpet.

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