Your big day is around the corner, and all the details have finalised – from the venue, the flowers, the décor and menu right down to your attires. Your wedding’s going to be special, no doubt. But, what about your honeymoon? Have you finalised a destination yet?
If you are undecided on where to go, we can help you out, with a list of the most romantic destinations, in Kerala, India. Away from the maddening crowds, these locales provide peace, tranquillity, privacy and lots of opportunities to create beautiful memories. You can trust us on this.
Kerala is an exotic place, cocooned in the southern tip of India, with the Arabian sea skirting its western shores and the mountain range of the Western Ghats guarding its eastern periphery. Kerala is often described as God’s own country, and for a good reason. A large part of it is a tropical rainforest, while the rest frolics with the sea. Kerala is inviting, with the right elements to ensure a memorable time on your honeymoon.
Kerala is vast, and there are several destinations to choose from, depending on what you want as a couple. A houseboat cruise in the backwaters, wildlife escapades in thick jungles, nature trails, camping, boating and trekking…the list is endless. Every destination has something different to offer.
In case you have concerns about safety, we want you to know that Kerala is very safe. The locals are warm and courteous, and you will not face any problems.

What are the best places for honeymoon in Kerala?

There are many locations to choose from for your honeymoon. However, the best destinations in Kerala that most people choose are Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Wayanad and Alleppey.

Munnarmunnar 1

Munnar mesmerises with its picturesque beauty. It is painted in varied hues of green. Dense forests, winding hill roads, carpets of tea plantations, rolling hills and mist rising out of nowhere make the place a heaven on earth.
Munnar is a quiet town, that slows down as the sun dips, on the horizon. There is no nightlife here, as such, but there are other things to do, at night. Night treks and camping are popular activities that you can be part of. Trekking and rappelling (including waterfalls rappelling) are other activities to enjoy.


Alleppey is synonymous with houseboat cruises. Spend your honeymoon on a luxury houseboat in Alleppey, as it meanders through the backwaters. The indigenously built houseboats are fitted with plush bedrooms, hot shower, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a sit out and a dining room, serving freshly cooked meals. The unique experience will stay with you for the rest of your life. Alternatively, stay at a beach resort in Alleppey, and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.


Thekkady is all about raw beauty – it is an ideal destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Thekkady borders the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to elephants, wild boars, Indian bison, deer, foxes, wild dogs, langoor, civet cats and rare birds. Tourists are not permitted to venture into the forests alone. Government-appointed tourist guides and safaris are available at the sanctuary, for anyone wanting to explore the forest. Jeep and elephant safaris travel deep into the woods, where animals forage.
The Periyar lake is another place where it is possible to spot wildlife. Animals regularly visit the banks, for water. A trip into the lake, on a bamboo raft can be a memorable experience. Spice plantations in Thekkady welcome visitors. A tour of the place promises to be informative, get educated about various spices, their nutritional values, and medicinal benefits and how they are grown etc. And while you are there, pick up organically produced exotic herbs, spices and essential oils, from the inhouse stores, to take home as gifts.


Kumarakom gets the name Lake City because of its many lakes. Migratory birds, from far off places, including Siberia, flock here, during winters. They nest and breed in the mangroves surrounding the lakes and backwaters and fly back with their young ones once the season changes. Birdwatching ranks among the top activities to delve in here, and of course, a cruise on the backwaters, especially, at sunset.

Wayanadwayanad 1

An abundance of natural beauty is what makes Wayanad special. Thundering waterfalls, gurgling streams, serene lakes and fantastic flora and fauna coupled with a perpetual pleasing climate, Wayanad is that piece of paradise, we want in our lives.
Wayanad stands amid a verdant forest, surrounded by mist-covered, rolling hills. Revel in the scenic beauty of this quaint hill town, trek up to Chembra Peak, the tallest peak in the region, for a panoramic view of the valleys below, stroll through tea plantations and take a guided tour of a tea manufacturing unit, to see the different stages of making tea. Tour operators conduct trekking, rappelling and camping excursions and boat rides on the Pookode lake.

What is on the dinner plate

The local food can be spicy, particularly if you are not used to hot, spicy food. However, the best chefs understand the needs of their guests and go easy on the spices, without compromising on the taste – remember you just have to make a request, and they will oblige. Most dishes here are coconut-based, and fish and rice are the staple food. The local foods to try are idiyappam and curry, puttu (a steamed rice cake), appam with stew, mutton roast and biryani or go with the chef’s recommendations.
Most restaurants have beef on the menu, and there is also duck and rabbit meat, and of course a variety of seafood – lobsters, prawns, crabs, squid and fish. Continental dishes are served as well.

Best time to visit Kerala

Kerala is blessed with a fantastic, salubrious climate and remains pleasant throughout the year. However, it is best to choose your destinations based on the time of the year. For instance, houseboat cruises are not conducted once the rains arrive, so it is best to not plan a honeymoon holiday to the backwaters during the monsoon. Summers tend to get warm and humid, in the plains, so it is better to pick a hill resort, where you are assured of colder climate. Head to the beaches if you want to catch the tropical sun and an enviable tan or indulge in water sports. There are opportunities galore.
The weather improves by September when the rains ebb and the temperatures begin to drop, and it remains pleasant until summers, when the monsoon rains arrive. The weather is at its best between late September and early March, with average temperatures fluctuating between 18°C and 29°C. It gets colder in the hills but rarely does the mercury plummet to single digits.

Hotels and Resorts

Deciding on where you want to go for your honeymoon is crucial, but where you stay is more important. You want your honeymoon to be memorable and that is possible when your stay is comfortable, safe and pleasant. There are various renowned Hotels and Resorts in India, with attractive features and convincing amenities , properties are spread across the length and breadth of Kerala to make your search easy in the hospitality industry.
There are Hotels and Resorts which provide well-appointed, clean rooms, fitted with modern amenities. Some have an inhouse, multi-cuisine restaurant(s), Ayurvedic centre and spa, breakfast included with stay etc.

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