StateJammu & Kashmir
ALTITUDE3353 Meters

Tulian Lake Trek is a perfect place for nature lovers as well as for the trekkers. It is located at a height of 3353 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful and scenic spot and is one of the most famous tourist spots in Jammu and Kashmir.

The beauty of this place can’t be described in words. This lake is located in between two mountain ranges that are Zanskar and Pir Panjal Mountain ranges. The view from this lake to its surrounding peaks is breathtaking. The surrounding peaks of the lake are just 300 meters above high from its main elevation.

Tulian Lake gives a way to experience the charm of Kashmir alley. The place is generally covered with snow. Tulian Lake has located 16 kilometers away from Pahalgam and 11 kilometers from Bai Saran. The lake is in 8 shapes. Tulian trek is very beautiful but difficult especially in the last step of the trek.

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The trek is very steep and the last part of the trek is the most difficult to climb. But when you reach the place you will surely get mesmerized and will love this place with all your heart and will forgive you all the tiredness. Pahalgam is the starting point of the Tulian Lake Trek. This trek is a perfect test for all the trekkers whether they are new or experienced trekkers.

Trekkers can test their passion and their resolve during the trek. The trek is surrounded by towering Alpine Forests and the mesmerizing snowcapped Himalayan peaks. Walking through the enchanted alpine forest straight out for some fairy tale. You can have refreshment and snacks and can replenish their supplies before entering the snow area in Gujjar Hut, a small café or food court.

The most boring and exhausting part of the trek starts that is that one has to cross the place covered with snow. The lake gives the best views of the area and is surrounded by snowcapped mountains. The trek can also be reached by hiring ponies from the center of town. Tulian Lake is most of the time wrapped with snow and mountains on four sides.

This place is also a famous tourist place as it is usually associated with Amaranth Yatra. This place is also one of the places in Jammu and Kashmir which is famous for Bollywood Shootings. There are a great set and variety of flora and fauna which can’t be found anywhere else.

Trekkers, as well as animal lovers, will get to see Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, Grey Langur, and Himalayan Mouse here. Between the two mountains ranges, a sparkling blue lake with some small ice floating on the top of the lake and when the lake is not frozen completely is located that is Tulian Lake. Tulian trek offers a meadow dotted with pine forests.

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  • Pahalgam – Ganesh Bal
  • Ganesh Bal to Chutiyaal Village
  • Chutiyaal Village to Kanimol
  • Trek from Kanimol to Tulian Marag
  • Tulian Marag to Tulian Lake
  • Chutiyaal Village to Ganesh Bal

What To Pack

Here is your checklist for your treks. Make sure to pack these items.

Trekking Gear:-

  •     A rucksack with rain cover
  •     A Hand/Head Torch with spare batteries
  •     UV Protection Sunglasses
  •     A trekking pole
  •     Raincoat
  •     Water Bottle
  •     A Full Sleeve Thick Jacket
  •     A Full Sleeve Sweater
  •     Thermal Inners
  •     Toilet Kit
  •     Hot Water Bags
  •     Socks (3 pairs)
  •     Light wind jacket
  •     T-shirts
  •     Underwear
  •     Trekking pants
  •     Warm hat
  •     Light gloves
  •     Duffel bag
  •     A light weight umbrella.
  •     Sunscreen
  •     Towel
  •     Money pouch/belt
  •     Energy bars
  •     Vitamin tablets


  •  Non-skid deep trod hiking shoes -1
  •  Pair of lightweight Slipper/Sandals -1


  •  Camera (optional)
  •  Personal medicine kit. Make sure you consult your doctor before the trek in case you have any special ailment.
  • Dry fruits, energy bars

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