If you are interested to write a blog related to Travel or Food, you are in the right place. We give opportunity to every person to write blog for us ,whether he/she is fresher or experienced writer . Vairagii provide platform to each and every person to show their talent.

The requirement for Submission:-

Please keep these points remember before writing or submission of an article.

1. The article should be at least 800 words.
2. Content / Article should be SEO friendly.
3. Grammar and Spelling should be accurate.
4. The article should be original (copy content from other sites should not be published ).
5. Please do not send articles related to topics that are already covered by our website.
6. Content or article should be related to only Travel / Food.
7. After submission of the article or content, all copyrights of that content transfer to our website.

How to submit Article to Vairagii :-

We keep our process simple and clean. You have to just use are email id to contact us, contact@vairagii.com and we will try to reply as soon as possible.